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S7:E5 - "To b-tree or not to b-tree"
The importance of representation
Episode 281 "Your Money, My Time"
Easy Frontend Performance Wins
Rockstar Development with Dan Stein (a.k.a DJ Fresh)
Rockstar Development with Dan Stein (a.k.a DJ Fresh)
BONUS - 37signals Podcast - Making People Pay
Episode 458 | The Return of Mike Taber
Ep 45: XBox Underground (Part 1)
RR 426: Dockerized Development Environments with Julian Fahrer
MAS 091: Brandon Roberts
MAS 091: Brandon Roberts
RNR 131: Free Code Learning with Mehul Mohan
RRU 075: Animations and React Morphe with Bruno Lorenco
VoV 075: Terrific Talk Tips
EMx 065: The Life Cycle of Elixir
MJS 119: Jeffrey Meyerson
#110 – How to Prepare for Success From the Beginning With Chris Savage of Wistia
Episode 171: Unwilling mentorship and tortoise vs hare DevOps
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Ask Kelly about Entrepreneurship
Episode 5: News from April 11th, 2019 through August 14th, 2019
Launched alertsforbtc.com on Product Hunt
332: Grow to Accommodate (Jordan Berke)
92: This is Definitely Still a Product Podcast
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The Honesty Required to Run a Profitable Business
PMP #143: Why I'm switching to ConvertKit (and leaving Mailchimp)
Modern JS tooling is too complicated. Yep? Nope?
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Episode 144: Product Integrations with Rob Walling
TPDP030: Building a Developer Community with Meetups
The Liberal Arts and Levelling Up Your Career with Thomas Betts
014 - Pivot or Die. Customer Development is Hard
EP101 – Scott Young: teach yourself how to program, finally!
#6: Startup Communities with Brad Feld
How to Find out What Triggers Customers to Buy (7-Step Process)
My mid-Year review
Alex Talks to Former Senator Heidi Heitkamp