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A playlist of podcasts that focus on Software Development.

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A playlist of podcasts for people making things on the internet


A playlist of podcasts for people looking into all things Javascript

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F# and Giraffe with Stuart Lang
Ohhh! Caching!!
ReadMe with Greg Koberger
Moving Implicit Systems to Be More Explicit
The Black Keys
254: Is Exposing a Cheater the Right Thing to Do? | Feedback Friday
On Being Productive with Cantilever's Ty Fujimura
#387: Tristan Harris — Fighting Skynet and Firewalling Attention
353: Small Blog, Big Income: Recurring Revenue from a Low-Traffic Site
TMBA483: Search Engine Optimization in 2019 (Plus, The Dark Side of SEO)
Episode 7: News from August 29th, 2019 through September 11th, 2019
JSJ 393: Why You Should Be Using Web Workers with Surma
64: Chris Toomey on TypeScript, GraphQL, and Product Thinking
389. How to Make Meetings Less Terrible
Empathy vs Sympathy in Software with Lily Dart
#237: Elasticsearch
Episode 23 - The nature of the web
017 - Why no card upfront and Simon's mysterious new opportunity
Potluck - Why Webpack? × Serverless × Agencies × Recruiters × CSS Grid × MQ in Styled Components
Chase Jarvis: Claiming The Birthright of Your Creativity
Mobile Device Management in 2019 with Jeremy Moskowitz
Episode 284 "New Blood"
Slow Fashion
Episode 462 | Competing Against a 900 lb. Gorilla, Splitting from Your Co-founder, and More Listener Questions (with Jeff Epstein)
Ep 47: Project Raven
BOW 018: Investing In Yourself w/ Rob Marsh
RNR 135: The Why's and How's of Keeping Current
RRU 079: State Machines and State Charts with Farzad Yousef Zadeh
VoV 079: Why Vue.js is the Best Framework Ever with Gwendolyn Faraday
EMx 069: Distributed Databases with Wiebe-Marten ("Marten") Wijnja
MJS 123: Nick Basile
RR 430: Opal with Elia Schito
AiA 257: The Easiest Way to use Angular Elements with Tomas Trajan
Is it a good idea to be a transparent startup?
#118 – The Magic of Choosing a Great Market with Justin Jackson of Transistor
Episode 175: Famous devs at conferences and becoming obsolete
378: RapidFire Q&A on Podcast Sponsorships, npm Dependencies, and Front End Developers
87 - Leadership Skills for the Apocalypse
Learning Sass
What The Heck Is GraphQL?
336: There's No Manual (Chris Coyier)
95: This is the Final Episode of PBC
Stitch Fix: Katrina Lake
167: My Phone's CPU Has 8.5 Billion Transistors
What traits does it take to be a good developer?
PMP #147: The 'maybe snowball'
San Francisco Meetup Announcement!
Introducing The Journal.
TPDP031: Developer Education through Books, Video Courses, and Conferences
Generics in Go
Building Your Brand with Egghead.io's Joel Hooks
Building Your Brand with Egghead.io's Joel Hooks
123: Ian Landsman - Marketing and Positioning a New Tailwind CSS Product
S7:E8 - "Delivering muffins with BFS"
Scott Hanselman on how to get a remote job at Microsoft, contributing to open source, diversity in tech, and productivity
Episode 146: Q&A with the Userlist Team
Svelte and Reactivity with Rich Harris
MAS 093: Jennifer Wadella
#7: Sustainable business with Sahil Lavingia
To Mute or Not to Mute
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