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Software Development

A playlist of podcasts that focus on Software Development.

The Change Makers

A playlist of podcasts for people making things on the internet


A playlist of podcasts for people looking into all things Javascript

Startup playlist

This is the playlist for everything startups

.Net Developers

A playlist for . Net developers

Off Topic

A playlist of interesting podcasts about anything


A playlist on all things design

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Roadmaps to becoming a web developer in 2021
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Learning to Write Faster
TMBA537: How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Business?
448. The Downside of Disgust
How I Built Resilience: Elisa Villanueva Beard of Teach For America
Containers on Azure with Tom Kerkhove
#299: Meet CPHub
Potluck — $100k Dev Jobs × Sponsored Blog Posts × How To Keep Your Skills Up To Date × Libraries vs Custom × Dev Tools × More!
Doing More using Teams with Christina Wheeler
Episode 345 "Minor Setback"
Data, Trust, and Transparency: A COVID-19 Vaccine Story
Software success through community building
Episode 532 | The Art of Selling Your Business with John Warrillow
83: NSA Cryptologists
JSJ 467: The Joy of JavaScript with Luis Atencio
RRU 131: Data Visualization at Scale with Andrey Goncharov
VUE 134: A Conversation with author, Marco Faella
RUBY 484: Bootcamps: Bad or Badass
Podcast companies losing money?
Episode 244: Quitting telephone and recommendontion
446: Pandemic Purchases, Video on the Web, Convoluted Processes, and Javascript Debounce
237: Bot Awesome
PMP #199: 5 Core principles of organisation
#188 – Fame, Focus, and Billions of Pageviews with Evan Britton of Famous Birthdays
Episode 63 - Do you need build tools?
BOW 086: Mike Abramov: A Holistic Approach To Copywriting
AiA 001: The Birth of Angular
123 - Going On Autopilot
Tales from the Support Front Lines
BONUS: How to Crush Your Biggest Goals in 2021
151: DHH – Building HEY with Hotwire
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