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Software Development

A playlist of podcasts that focus on Software Development.

The Change Makers

A playlist of podcasts for people making things on the internet


A playlist of podcasts for people looking into all things Javascript

Startup playlist

This is the playlist for everything startups

.Net Developers

A playlist for . Net developers

Off Topic

A playlist of interesting podcasts about anything


A playlist on all things design

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TinySeed Tales | Season 1 Trailer (Castos)
Gravity: Distributed Application Delivery with Ev Kontsevoy
357: Productized Service Coaching: Building a Product Ladder
TMBA514: Mailbag: The Complexity of Cashflow
The Architects of Reality: Brian Koehn – Part 1
JSJ 401: Hasura with Tanmai Gopal
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393. Can Britain Get Its “Great” Back?
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GIFs as Blackface
Mindframing for Entrepreneurs with Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Be Present While Thinking on the Past and Future
Secure Deployment with Mikael Nyström
S8:E1 - "Getting deep with depth-first search"
Episode 288 "Family & Business"
Season 5, Episode 5: Atari (with Nolan Bushnell)
What's threatening our business?
Episode 28 - How to land your first developer job
Ep 49: Elliot
In the Market for a Marketer
BOW 022: How To Earn More By Breaking Through Mental Money Blocks w/ Ian Stanley
MJS 127: Thorsten Lünborg
RR 434: Surviving Webpack with Ross Kaffenberger
MAS 094: Philip Fulcher
MAS 094: Philip Fulcher
RNR 139: Upgrade Helper with Lucas Bento
RRU 083: Reactive Programming with Storybook with Dean Radcliffe
VoV 083: CSS Tooling and Development Practices With Tracey Holinka
EMx 073: Application Monitoring Using Telemetry With Arkadiusz Gil
Episode 179: Pushing preemptive promotion and de-motivated by promotion
382: Jen Simmons on Browser Features
React, Vue, && Anglular, OH MY!
Episode 9: News from October 1st, 2019 through October 9th, 2019
Coffee and Web Development
340: Accessible, Ethical, Inclusive (Cat Noone)
100: How To Be Less Stressed
Live Episode! Milk Bar: Christina Tosi
Luring Clients away from WordPress
171: The Beta Hangover
PMP #150: What are your non-negotiables?
Is it the Data or the Algorithm? Common pitfalls in Data Science and Deep Learning with Sara Beck
The wonderful thing about Tiggers
TPDP032: Getting Familiar with TypeScript for Development
Thanksgiving in Stockholm
#125 – Quick Chat with Danielle Johnson of Leave Me Alone
Cameron Hanes
#390: Q&A With Tim — On Happiness, Dating, Depressive Episodes, and Much More
#241: CTO
125: Rob Walling - Choosing the Right Product Idea
Scott Hanselman on how to get a remote job at Microsoft, contributing to open source, diversity in tech, and productivity
Forming Friendships When Working Remotely
Episode 148: SaaS Websites with Josh Garofalo
Entity Framework Core with Jon Smith
Big Ideas & The Future at The Frontside
#8: The road to profitability with Lynne Tye
88 - Keep the Humans for the Human Stuff
018 - Dealing with competitors, taking funding or not!
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