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A playlist of podcasts that focus on Software Development.

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A playlist of podcasts for people making things on the internet


A playlist of podcasts for people looking into all things Javascript

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Latest Episodes
Willie D & Mike Judge
#293: Thanksgiving Special
Potluck - Frameworks vs Libraries × Debugging × CSS Modules vs Styled Components × Resumes × Stress Management × More!
React Native at Airbnb with Gabriel Peal Holiday Repeat
Building Products w/ Keith Pitt (part 2)
Seth Godin | The Emotional Journey of Shipping Creative Work
How I Built Resilience: Dr. Iman Abuzeid of Incredible Health
Exchange vNext with Gareth Gudger
#482: Steven Rinella — A Short Introduction to True Wilderness Skills and Survival
Episode 337 "Time to Decide"
#182 – Selling Shovels During the Podcasting Gold Rush with Mubashar Iqbal
Software success through community building
Episode 61 - The challenges of being ethical in tech
Episode 524 | Bootstrapping a Commodity SaaS
79: Dark Basin
BOW 080: Amisha Shrimanker - How To Get Repeat Clients and Referrals
Shape Up with Clients
436: Stuart Ritchie | The Science Fictions Undermining Facts
Episode 237: Salary vs tech stack and how to quit an ad agency
440: Serverless, Local Database, Edge Functions, and Using WordPress Serverless
How Airlines Generate Revenue
Virgin Galactic
229: Selling iOS Apps on M1 Apple Silicon
PMP #194: 8 Tips for hosting better zoom calls
Ionic and developer tooling
Episode 197: Building All-In-One Products with Jesse Hanley
Isabel Cachola
When distributed systems Go wrong
119: Henry Zhu on Building Babel
419: Zero to $50k: How to Grow and Monetize an Email Newsletter
TMBA537: How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Business?
440. Does Advertising Actually Work? (Part 1: TV)
The Microsoft Open Source Sandbox with Aaron Stannard
RNR 180 - Testing Strategies, Tools, and Frameworks
Landsman on software
JSJ 458: Codota Tabnine and the Rise of Ai-powered Developer Tooling with Kyle Simpson
RRU 125: Put Down the JavaScript & Learn the Web Fundamentals with Colby Fayock
VUE 128: Templates to Scoped Slots - Reusable Components with Michael Thiessen
EMx 115: LiveView for React Developers with Feather Knee
RUBY 478: 2020 Ruby on Rails Community Survey Results
AiA 299: Working with Google Maps on Angular with Katerina Skroumpelou
Values - Nurse-1-1
Why you should adopt TypeScript
119 - Election Night Data Science
Show 66 - Supernova in the East V
Augmented Reality with Lee Englestone
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