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Software Development

A playlist of podcasts that focus on Software Development.

The Change Makers

A playlist of podcasts for people making things on the internet


A playlist of podcasts for people looking into all things Javascript

Startup playlist

This is the playlist for everything startups

.Net Developers

A playlist for . Net developers

Off Topic

A playlist of interesting podcasts about anything


A playlist on all things design

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Potluck - Courses for Kids × Sub-Components × Recursion × DB Hosting × Frameworks × Data Structures & Algorithms × More!
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Episode 315 "Simplifying things"
Why there's no episode today
14: Jordan Scales on Nostalgia and Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously
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Help Wanted
66: freakyclown
AiA 282: Fauna and Cloud Databases with Evan Weaver
RNR 167: Rapid Prototyping with Perttu Lähteenlahti
RRU 109: SVGS in React with Elizabet Oliviera
Episode 18: News from May 7th, 2020 through May 21st, 2020
108 - It Depends
Episode 211: Biorhythm and coworker roommate
414: RAPIDFire on Front End Ceiling, Emacs, Permissions, and Writing Better Words
MJS 148: Farzad Yousefzadehr
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Using Writing to Promote A Podcast
130: We react to Twitter going Fully Remote Forever!
Communication & Collaboration- ShearShare
203: Updating Open Source Projects
RR 460: How to Brainstorm with Introverts DeeDee Lavinder
VoV 107: Cypress Testing with Amir Rustamzadeh
JSJ 434: Understanding and Using ES Modules in Node with Gil Tayar
#162 – Building the House You Want to Live In with Steli Efti of Close
Using Stitches CSS in JS to Improve on Tailwind CSS
10 Steps to Reposition Your Product When Your Customers Don’t “Get it”
PMP #174: How you can identify the best productivity habits
TPDP036: Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science
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