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Software Development

A playlist of podcasts that focus on Software Development.

The Change Makers

A playlist of podcasts for people making things on the internet


A playlist of podcasts for people looking into all things Javascript

Startup playlist

This is the playlist for everything startups

.Net Developers

A playlist for . Net developers

Off Topic

A playlist of interesting podcasts about anything


A playlist on all things design

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Latest Episodes
We really needed new jingles
#501: Steven Pressfield on The Artist’s Journey, the Wisdom of Little Successes, Shadow Careers, and Overcoming Resistance
Better Done Than Perfect. Customer Success for Infoproducts with Alex Hillman
Semgrep: Modern Static Analysis with Isaac Evans
Friday Refill - Anchor Behaviors
475: Is It Possible to Assuage Narcissistic Rage? | Feedback Friday
Observability beyond buzzwords with New Relic's Tori Wieldt
Indecent (language) Proposals: Part 2
433: Simple, Local Cash Flow: Are Laundromats the Ultimate Side Hustle?
There's No Business Like Snow Business
Am I Boring You? (Ep. 225 Rebroadcast)
How I Built Resilience: Troy Carter of Q&A (June, 2020)
Migrating WCF and More to .NET 5 with Mark Rendle
#304: Security at CodePen
React Query + More React with Tanner Linsley
Ashley Stahl | Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, and Design Your Dream Career - Part 1
The Vastaamo Ransomware Event with Sami Laiho
Episode 350 "Branding"
Cool Kids Table
#192 – Building Games Users Will Actually Pay For with Dave Geddes of Flexbox
Episode 537 | On Launching, Funding, and Growth with Serial SaaS Founder Rand Fishkin
BOW 089: Rachel and Laura: Getting Your Head Straight When Everything Seems Crooked
Humble Fungus
RUBY 487: Our Development Setups
AiA 305: How to Stay Current
JSJ 472: RedwoodJS Brings Full-Stack to the JAMstack with Anthony Campolo
RRU 134: How to be a Top 5% Developer
VUE 139: Exploring Inkline with Alex Grozav
RNR 190 - Tips and Tricks for the App Store and Play Store
Episode 249: Settling the Wild West and credit for self-study
451: JavaScript and Web Components with Nolan Lawson
Monetizing Revenue Research
242: Mac Backups, Store Promotion, & Multi-Window Apps with SceneDelegate
Roast the Hosts: Tables Turned on Patrick & Andrew
PMP #203: How I decide whether to use a new tool
126 - Data Gunslingers
Picking the Right Azure Resources with Barry Luijbregts
The New York Times Company
How Programmers Think and Learn with Prof. Felienne Hermans
85: Cam the Carder
Emx 122: The Future of Elixir Mix
Product-market fit struggles
Product Roadmaps and Tooling Planning with Steve Pereira
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