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A playlist of podcasts for people looking into all things Javascript


A show about JavaScript for people who hate the complexity of modern front-end web development. Host Chris Ferdinandi shares code snippets, tools, techniques, and interesting stuff from around the web.

Latest Episodes
Episode 43 - fetch() vs. XHR performance for making API calls
Episode 42 - Tools and developer habits
Episode 41 - No, a framework is not faster than vanilla JS DOM manipulation (but it can be)

Weekly podcast discussion about Javascript on the front and back ends. Also discuss programming practices, coding environments, and the communities related to the technology.

Latest Episodes
JSJ 422: CSS and Houdini with Una Kravets
JSJ 421: Semantic HTML with Bruce Lawson
JSJ 420: OpenAPI, Redoc, and API Documentation with Adam Altman

A community celebration of JavaScript and the web. This show records LIVE on Thursdays at 1pm US/Eastern time. Panelists include Suz Hinton, Feross Aboukhadijeh, Kevin Ball, Emma Wedekind, Jerod Santo, Nick Nisi, Divya Sasidharan, Mikeal Rogers, and.....

Latest Episodes
All the stale things
Octane moves Ember to an HTML-first approach
GraphQL's benefits and costs
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